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found in wordpress.

‘Mr/Mrs/Miss– the deceased person’s name)
Satha-dhu ondhu saavu,
[(‘Old man/woman <Name>) passing away is a demise],

Budhuvadhu (Buttadhu) ondhu, Lachchumiya Karu, gooli – Basava,
[Being released {into the wilderness} is a holy ox /bull calf called Basava, born of the cowcalled Lachchumi (Badagas name their cows, bulls and calves) { – after transference of sins}]

Arthiya logava buttu, marthiya logva nodhi bandhu,
[Leaving the womb [ birth ], and coming into this {material} world]

Marthiya logava buttu, mahaa(maaya) logava nodi,
[Leaving this world and going to the {next} big {heavenly} world]

Ther thirpthi ondhige hoppa-dhu, ondhu payana,
[Is a journey in a 'rath' - chariot with satisfaction].

Manisana katte, mannuga thiragali
[let the body {of a human} return to the earth]

Siva kotta sivilu semaga serali
[let the life given by the Almighty return to Him].

Muthe muthappa maadi-dha Papa
[All the sins committed by the ancestors]

Hethe Hethappa maadi-dha Papa
[All the sins by forefathers]
Thaayi Thandhey maadi dhadha Papa
[All the sins by parents]

Tha(n) thaniya maadi-dha Papa
[ All the sins committed by him/her self]

Saavira munrooru papavu, Basavana Kaaluga booyali
[All the thousand three hundred sins, [let them] fall at the feet of [the calf]Basava]

Muthe muthappana maadi-dhadhu……{all assembled} Papa
[All the sins committed towards the ancestors...is a sin]

Hethe Hethappana maadi-dha… Papa
[All the sins done to the forefathers...sin]

Thaayi Thandheya maadi dhadha…. Papa
[All the sins done to the parents...sin]
[Notice the subtle differences, earlier it was the sins committed by the ancestors/forefathers/parents and later sins committed to them]

Maayi Maavana eradi-dhadhu [maadi dhadhu]… Papa
[What was done to mother in law and father in law... Sin]

Soseya sisiya maadhi-dhadhu… Papa
[What was done [ - carnal desire] to daughters in law & children… Sin]

Anna thammana agala maadhi-dhadhu… Papa
[Separating the brothers... Sin]

Kanda makkava kai ethi hodha-dhadhu… Papa
[Hitting the children of others (when his own are not)... Sin]

Midiya metti mundhi bhan-dhadhu… Papa
[Tripping {others} by stepping on the heel, to get in front... Sin]

Hacheya kitha-dhu Papa
[Pulling out {destroying} the green {young plants}..... Sin]

Barala baakidha dhu Papa
[Sweeping away {destroying} the dry {old}... Sin]

Hasiya kithu bisiluga haakki dhadhu Papa
[Pulling out the green {plants} and putting in the sun... Sin]

Hache asila sigatha dhu Papa
[Pulling out the green{young} and destroying by putting it in the sun... Sin]

Eva payiluna mova jilli dhadhu Papa
[Nipping the budding plants {pinching the cheeks of young}... Sin]

Bedha holava beralu thori dhadhu Papa
[Pointing with the finger at the field that is ready for harvest... Sin]

Thitta thevara othi-dhadhu… Papa
[Changing the boundary {mounds} of his land {for wrongful gain}...Sin]

Natta kalla kitha-dhu… Papa
[Removing the {boundary / fencing} stone... Sin]

Huttu hobbya hora thatti-dhadhu… Papa
[Removing the thorny bush fence to let the animals in (to destroy the crop)...Sin]

>Kattu hobbya kai haaki-dhadhu ….Papa
[Breaking a growing plant ...Sin]

Otti marava betti-dhadhu ….Papa
[Cutting the single tree {that gave shade}... Sin],

Kottagege mulla ena-dhudhu…. Papa
[Spreading big thorns in cow/buffalow pens {to cause harm}.... Sin],

Butta goolia utha-dhu… Papa
[Using the bull that has been released to the woods in an earlier funeral for ploughing... Sin]

Jannigeya karadha dhu… Papa
[Milking the cow that has just given birth to a calf... Sin]

Karava emmeya kannu ethi nodhi dhadhu…. Papa
[Staring at the cow that is being milked... Sin]

Annaga nanju haaki dha dhu… Papa
[Putting poison into food... Sin]

Arthu bhandha maga annava kodaa dhadhu… Papa
[Not giving food to the one who came with hunger... Sin]

Berthu bhandhamaga benkiya kodhaa dhadhu… Papa
>Dhaariya thoru endha maga, Kaada thori dhadhu… Papa
[Showing the woods instead of the road (wrong direction) to the one who asked for Dharumaga Maadidhamaga addalu aadha dhu …Papa
[Causing obstruction to a person doing good deeds... Sin]

Hangisi nudhi-dhadhu ….Papa
[ Using humiliating words... Sin]

Gangega uga-dhadhu ….Papa
[Spitting into the river {that gives drinking water}... Sin]

Haridhoppa gangega, happana elladhe erigi-dhadhu ….Papa
[Diving into the flowing river without loin clothes.... Sin]

Kattidha Keria odatha dhu Papa
[Breaking the [built] embankment of the well (river)…. Sin]

Thumbidha baaviya tharadha dhu …Papa
[Opening the [tank] well that is full {thus wasting water}…. Sin]

Uradha kichuga uche hara-dhadhu ….Papa
[Urinating on the fire- embers {that gives warmth}.... Sin]

Sooriyana mundhe, hindha selli-dhadhu ….Papa
[Baring the back - showing bare bottoms towards the sun (whom Badagas worship).... Sin]

Sandirana sarpa nunguvane nodi nithirae maadi dhadhu ….Papa
[Looking at the moon being swolled by the snake {eclipse} and then going off to sleep.... Sin]

Ora Kannethi nodhi dhadhu …Papa
[Looking with lust {bad eyes} Sin]

Hutti dha huttuga mundhe hallu giridha dhu ….Papa
[Showing the teeth {smiling} before the siblings with bad intentions (in adulthood)... Sin]

Maavana beethu macha eridha dhu …..Papa
[When the father in law is seated on the floor, climbing on the steps to the attic {thus exposing}... Sin]

Maaviyaa beethu jagali eridha dhu …Papa
[When the mother in law is seated on the floor, getting on to the wooden plank {on a higher level}... Sin]

Haava Gova koddha dhu ….Papa
[Killing the snake (other animals) & cow or buffalows (that give milk)... Sin]

Honji Onava koddha dhu ….Papa
[Killing {lizards & reptiles} animals.... Sin]

Hakkiya hidithu bekkega kottadhu ….Papa
[Catching a bird and giving it to the cat to eat.... Sin]

Ooru mele uri-dhadhu ….Papa
[Feeling jealous about the village.... Sin]

Nada mele jaradha dhu ….Papa
[Complaining (having ill feelings) about the region - naadu/seemay... Sin]

Aranmanega more hegi dhadhu ….Papa
[Complaining to the Palace {king / higher authorities}..... Sin]

Avarethu avare maadi dhadhu ….Papa
[If he had done unnatural things after adulthood..... Sin].

Savira munnooru papa hattaliyu
[Even if there are a thousand and three hundred (a large number) sins]

Butta basavana koda serali….
[Let them be transferred to the bull {that is being released into the woods – never to return] (The assembled people repeat the last word- Serali

Papa, parigara aagali…aagali
[Let the sins turn to good deeds ]

Karuma kadega thirigali…thirigili
[Let bad deeds be turned away to the end]

Dharuma dhariya budali…budali
[Let good deeds show the path]

Karumada mane kadha muchili…muchali
[Let the doors of bad deeds [house] be closed]

Dharumadha mane dhari budali….budali
[Let the House of Good deeds show the way]
Karumadha kai suringali…suringili
[Let the hand of bad deeds shrink]

Dharumadha kai nigiyali…nigiyali
[Let the hand of good deeds expand]
>Athi pathi ondhagi
[Let the holy and pious join together]

Pathi parisanaga serali….serali
[let him join the that holy and pious gathering]

Saggadha hadi tharayili…tharayali
[Let the door of Heaven open]

Savundara nerayali…nerayali
[Let beauty and joy fill up]

Noolu paala bigiyali….bigiyali
[Let the bridge made of thread to the heaven elongate]

Mullu mora mettu kodali…kodali
[Let thorny tree become a stepping stone]

Heena gundi muchali…muchali
[let the depths of bad thoughts be closed]

Oona bae muchali…muchali
[Let the vicious/ harmful (foul) mouth be shut]

Chinnadha kambuga serali…serali
[Let the soul join the (place made out of) golden mast]

Belliya kambuga orayali…..orayali
[let it join the place of silver mast]

Uridha Kambuga thanayili…thanayili
[Let it leave the mast of jelousy]

Adhaa kadhaa ondhaagi Kadhaa dhikkena thareyili
Andhu kotta Bramana paadha hiduthu
[By holding the feet of Bramha who gave this {life] that day]

Indu butta basavana paadha hidithu
[By holding the feet of the bull- Basava being left(after transference of sins) now]

Athigala aaru saavira paadha hidithu
[ By holding the six thousand feet of Godly saints]

Pathigala hanneradu saavira paadha hiddithu
[By holding the twleve thousand feet of pious people]

Siva sanna dhanaga sedhundu hogali
[Let (the soul) join the Almighty’s (Siva’s) Kingdom].

Devarajan Mathan-
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