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The main reasons for membership requests being delayed or not accepted are:
    Not providing FULL NAME with expanded initials . For example, if your name is B. Siva Kumar, and the B. stands for your father's name Bhojan, please enter your full name as Siva Kumar Bhojan OR Bhojan Siva Kumar. Just entering your name as Siva OR Siva Kumar OR B. Siva Kumar is NOT acceptable.

    Not providing a VALID EMAIL address OR using <name>@badaga.org as email address. We cannot activate your membership and send you the username and password if you do not provide a correct email address. Please double check the email address you have typed in. Badaga.org does NOT provide email addresses with membership, so please do NOt use a badaga.org email address.

    Not providing a FULL and VALID ADDRESS of CURRENT RESIDENCE . Your permanent hatti address is insufficient if you are actually staying and working somewhere else. Also, just providing your work address may not be acceptable unless you stay there.

    Not providing your OCCUPATION and/or COMPANY/NSTITUTION name . If you are Student please indicate what you are studying and where. If you are a Home Maker, please indicate so.

    Not filling in your BIOGRAPHY and Family Background information. In many cases this will contain some of the missing information we may need to complete your registration process.

    Not providing a VALID HATTI name . Ooty, Mysore, Other etc are NOT valid Hatti names. Those choices are provided only for non-Badaga Spouses of Members. If you are NOT of Badaga orgin, please do not submit a Member registration request.

If you have already submitted your registration request and have not received a response from us within a week, please check the above to see if you need to provide us any missing information.

Please also check your email account settings or your email account/provider's spam/junk mail filters to ensure emails from us are not being deleted or filtered into the Junk Mail folders. We may have sent you account activation emails that you may not have received due to the above. If required you may need to add the badaga.org domain to the list of allowed domains from which you wish to receive email from.

Dear IBA Members and Registrants,

Since the inception of the new Badaga portal, we have been getting good support and cooperation from you all, thanks.

We recommend you reading through this posting in its entirety for valuable information. Thanks for your patience and support.

Because of the migration from the older site to the new portal system, some members are experiencing a few problems. We have taken care of the major issues but some minor ones still remain in certain cases. If you have a problem, please contact us and we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Whenever you contact us, please mention your username, valid email address and detailed problem statement including "where you are having the problem", "when it happened", "what actions you did, while you got the problem" and the specific error messages if any, etc. Rather than sending us a short and general problem report, these specific details will help to solve the problem soon.

Despite our heavy work load and tight schedule, we try to answer every question in an orderly fashion. Please be patient while we are at your service. Thanks for your kind co-operation.

Below is a Summary of the Changes done and some Frequently Asked Questions on Membership and Matrimonials.


Registration and Membership have been completely revamped. Previously registered members data from the older site has been restored with the following minor modifications:
a) Usernames have been standardized.
All usernames are made lowercase, without any special characters except for 'underscores' [ _ ]. For example, if your OLD username was "My Login Name" , then your NEW username will be "my_login_name". All special characters except 'underscores' have been removed. Any spaces have been replaced by 'underscores'. We have sent all previously registered members the new username and activation code by email. Please read the activation email carefully and follow the instructions. You will have to provide a few more REQUIRED details about yourself to reactivate your membership. You have the option of making certain private details about yourself NOT available to other members.
b) Passwords are now case-sensitive and more secure.
Your old passwords were not changed at all. You can use your older password to login after you reactivate your membership. We strongly recommend you to change your passwords regularly.
If you have forgotten your password please use the "forgot password" link at http://www.badaga.org/forgotpassword.php. If you still have trouble with your password, please contact the Site Administrator to reset your password. Please note that even the Site Administrator does not have access to your password as it is stored in an encrypted form in the member database.
We should underline the fact that, the safety of your password is yours.


[Q] I used to be a member in the older system. Should I register again?
[A] No need to register again. You can login with your old username and password. But you need to re-activate your account before you can use your old username and password. We have sent the activation emails to all our previously registered members' email addresses, to re-activate their accounts. It will be possible to login only if you have clicked on the link which we provided in the re-activation email. If your old username contained any spaces, Capital letters or special characters, then it has been modified and provided in the re-activation email.

[Q] I have not received any emails from you regarding the Membership Activation?
[A] We have sent emails a few times to all the registered email addresses of older members. If you have not received the reactivation email please check your spam filter settings, our emails could have been blocked. If you have deleted your old emails or if your email provider has blocked access to your account's older emails please request the Webmaster to send the activation email again. If you currently do not have possession of your old email account please provide us the newer and valid email address with your older username and email address via the feedback form or separate email to webmaster(at)badaga.org.

[Q] I registered but I am not able to Login...
[A] First, please check whether your account is active or not. You can check that at http://www.badaga.org/membershipstatus.php by entering your username.
Second, please check your username and password. Password is case sensitive. (i.e "MyPassWord" IS NOT SAME AS "mypassword" OR "MYPASSWORD" )
Only active accounts are allowed to login. If you have logged in the past, and not being allowed to login now, that may mean that your account is deactive. You have to reactivate your account. Check your email for reactivation emails from us. You have to click on the link in the email. Please see the above two questions.

In all other cases please contact admin with detailed problem description.

[Q] I have registered new a short while ago and even clicked on the link you have provided. Even then, I am not allowed to login. WHY?
[A] Badaga.org uses "Triple Level" screening. Your account will be activated only by the Website Administrator, when he or she is satisfied with your membership application. The IBA Administrator reserves the right to grant / revoke access to your account. You will receive an email when the Administrator activates your account. Please be patient.

[Q] I registered few days back. Still I did not receive any activation emails?
[A] "Badaga.org" is a site maintained by volunteers and we get around 50 applications per week. We don't have the luxury of having someone work full time on this. It may take upto 2 weeks to be accepted into our Portal.
Please remember that this portal in ONLY FOR BADAGA persons. If you are not of Badaga origin or provided incomplete, unverifiable or incorrect information, your application might have been rejected without further notice to you. Frequent causes for delay are unexpanded names or just first names without father's/family names, abbreviated addresses, invalid phone numbers or email addresses etc. In certain cases we might ask you for further information. Please use the "check membership status" link on the site, or use the feedback form to request a status check.

Please note that we check the originating IP addresses of registration requests to verify authenticity of such requests with the information provided.


Matrimonial section has been revamped with enhanced security.
a) Please note that Matrimonial Section is a Private area and it is only for persons who have posted their Matrimonial Profiles in that section and have been approved for separate Matrimonial access.
b) You cannot enter the Matrimonial section, even if you are a registered member unless you have posted your profile. Only registered IBA members can post their matrimonial profiles. Those members who have posted their profile and are accepted will automatically get access to the Matrimonials section.
c) We screen each and every matrimonial profile and the IBA Website Administrator reserves the right to grant or revoke access to this section.
d) You can edit your active Matrimonial profile at http://www.badaga.org/matrimonial/myprofiles.php.
e) You can send other Brides or Bridegrooms email by clicking on the "Contact" link in their profiles. To send a reply to an email sent to you from another prospective Bride or Groom please click on the link provided in the email that will take you to a page on the badaga.org site where you can type in your reply. Please DO NOT just click on reply in your email client or browser because your reply will go to the IBA Website Administrator.


[Q] I am a registered IBA member. When I try to view matrimonial section I get "Access Denied" message. I need access to view matrimonial section.
[A] Since Badaga Matrimonials are private, we do not give access to all our members. Only the prospective brides and grooms who have posted their profiles will be able to see that section.

[Q] I have posted my profile in the older site. I had a separate username and password to access the Matrimonials in the old site. Now I am unable to enter the Matrimonial section in the new site using my old username and password.
[A] If you are not currently a registered member in the new site you will have to either reactivate your old membership if you were previously registered, or register for a new membership. If you are already a registered IBA member you do not need a separate username and password to view the Matrimonials in the new site. Those members who have active profiles will automatically be able to access to the Matrimonials section.

[Q] I had posted my Matrimonial profile earlier in the old site. I am able to enter the Matrimonial section and view the postings. But I am not able to EDIT my own profile now.
[A] In the New portal, we have transferred your old profile using "Admin" privileges, since we could not correctly match the older matrimonial profiles with the corresponding username. That was a limitation in the older sytem. Please send your current username and matrimonial profile name. The Site Administrator will match your Member Username to your Matrimonial Profile. After that you can edit your profile.

[Q] I currently have a valid profile in the Matrimonials. Presently, I am not searching for a partner. But I will be starting my search after 6 months only. Please disable my profile for now.
[A] We take extreme caution regarding this kind of requests. Please tell us in detail the reasons you want to temporarily disable your profile. If the Site Administrator is convinced that the reason(s) is not frivolous, your Matrimonial profile can be disabled or deleted. The Badaga Matrimonials are ONLY for persons who are *seriously searching for a partner*. If your intentions do not seem serious, your Matrimonial profile will be deleted.

[Q] I have a complaint against one of the profiles on your website.
[A] Please contact Site Administrator about the nature and details of the complaint.

[Q] I sent a private message using the contact link in the matrimonial section to a person who had posted their matrimonial profile. But I have not received a reply from them yet. How do I know if my message was delivered?
[A] The recipient could have replied incorrectly. Please see question below.

[Q] I received a private message from another matrimonial user. I replied to it but I have not heard from the recipient yet. How do I know if my message was delivered?
[A] You may have hit the reply button directly to reply to the message you received. That will send your reply to the IBA Website Administrator NOT to the person who sent you the message. You need to click on the link in the message you received which will take you to the IBA website. After you login you will be taken to a web page where you can type your reply.

The above private messaging Q&A's apply to the members section too.

[Q] Why can't I see other members' email addresses? How do I contact them via email?
[A] For privacy and security reasons we don't list members' email addresses. Use the 'Contact' link in the member's profile to send them a email message via the IBA website. See above two Q&A's for more related information.

[Q] Why you are insisting that we should not share email addresses via the contact form.
[A] It is only for your privacy and security reasons. If you share email addresses, you hold badaga.org NOT responsible for any claims and damages. Share it at your own risk.

For more FAQ's please see http://www.badaga.org/faq.php

If you need more info or are unable to find the answer to your question here please use the Feedback form at http://www.badaga.org/feedback.php

Thanks for your patience and support.
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