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PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:09 am Reply with quoteBack to top

One of the wonderful traditions that unfortunately is on the way out is seeking blessings of the elders. When a youngster meets an elder, the youngster bends down and offers his/her head (mandiya kodudhu) and will request,

” Aya [or Hethai/Appa/Awae/Mamma/Mummy], KUMBIDICHU [bless me]"

The elder, placing his/her right hand [or both hands] on top of the head of the youngster would bless [broadly] with the following words – footwear [kevaru / mettu]as well as the headgear [cap/kovili or turban / mandare] would be removed before blessings are sought / offered.

1. " Ollithagi, ondhu saaviraagi, ko endu korasi, bo endu bokki, nooru thumbi, naadu jaradu, dheera p(b)oorana haagi, baddhukki ba "

[Let everything become good, let one become a thousand(welth), let ‘ko’ be the call, let it boil as ‘bo’, let 100 (years) be completed, visit all [over] nation(s), be a great and enlightened person & come back with all these.

2. " Ollitha Ethi, Hollava Thalli, Olagodho Ellava Geddhu Ba "

[Leave all that is bad, take all that is good , come back winning all/everything in this world]

3. "Enna maathi / hennu, , sangatta salippu elladhe ollenge iru, paddipperi mundhuga hesarethi baa, hoppa dhari, Bappa Dhari yo, edinjillu elladhe ollange agili, Nee olagava hedithu ba !"

[ Oh my son/daughter, let you stay/live well without any disease or discomfort, let you become famous and come forward with education, wherever you go / come, let there not be any interruptions or hindrances and you go/come back safely, Let you rule the nation (with your wisdom)]

also visit : http://badaga.wordpress.com

Wg Cdr JP -
, http://www.baduga.in , www.badaga.name
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 10:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Wg Cmdr -

It is interesting you touched the point. Well, as we badagas developed[?!?] and improved in status[?!?] by migrating [ read as in search of livelyhood ] to various places across the globe, we become "enlightened"[?!?] and hence the traditions have vanished/vanishing in to thin air.

Look what one does in various times :

1. During Head ache, one touches/presses the forehead with fingers/ palm.

2. When we hear sad news, typically the women folk touch the opened mouth with palm

3. During winter, we rub palms to generate heat, and rub parts of our body with palms.

4. Give a friendly handshake , hole hearted and notice your palm becomes warm.

5. A typical northern India warm hugs and pat by palm and see the energy one gets.

This is the power of palm and hence offered as blessings by elders by well meant words in badaga tradition.

When Coat, Tie, Shoe replaced turben, and simple foot wear and Jeans & midi/Mini replaced saree/ Half saree seeking blessing itself is considered to be below dignity.

Let us hope the new and elite emerging group will set up an examplpe by reviving the old orders.

Devarajan Mathan-
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:38 am Reply with quoteBack to top

yes, its true.

Quite disheartening/sad to see some people of the present generation taking false pride in nuclear family setups and total alienation citing indifferent reasons. Pressures of success & status in society are taking its toll. Belonging is at its lowest ebb.

Wish the parents take their wards to their hatty atleast once in an year, tell them where we belong, add value to the place/community in whatever ways possible, educate their kids about our culture / value systems in general. Every community has its positives & negatives, but in an ever changing world, our community is centered around the the "Hetthappa Maathu" or "words of the ancestors" which hold a certain intrinsic value that needs to be experienced to be understood. If we embrace it, I believe our lives will be enlightened to a great degree.

Emerald Bhojan Hariharan.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:46 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Image sketch by JP

Here is the full text of Badaga Blessings in English, Tamil and the translation

Full text :

ondhu, ompaththu aagali,
ondhu, saavira aagali,

harachchava kodali, sogava kodali,
baNda hechchali, badhukku hechchali,
bE hechchali, haalu hechchali, haNNu hechchali,

manE katti, maaru kattili,
ondhu manE, saavira manE aagali,

beNNE bettu aagali, thuppa theppa aagali,
hulla muttilE hoo aagali, kalla muttilE kaai aagali,
honna muttilE sinna aagali,

bettadhudhu bandhalEyu, beraluga adangali,
attudhadhu bandhalEyu, aangai adangali,

Kattidhadhu karEyali, biththidhadhu bEyali,

aanaiya balava kodali, ariyaa siriyaa kodali,
budhdhi bevarava kodali,

uri hOgi, siri barali, siri sippaaththi agali,

HOppa edE, bappa edE ellaa, oLLiththE barali,

nooru thumbi, naadu jaradhu, dheera pooraNa aagi,
OLLiththa Eththi, Hollava ThaLLi, olagodho ellaava Gedhdhu,
sangatta salippu illaadhe,
hoppa dhaari, Bappa Dhaari yo, edinjilu iLLaadhe,
padippEri mundhuga hesareththi,

kumbE kudi haradha engE, angaalu muLLu muriyaadhE,
kO endhu korachchi, bO endhu bokki,
ManE thumba makka hutti, gOttu thumba sosE kondu,

paava pariya nOdi, olagadha hesaru eththi
badhukki baa

In Tamil script

ஒந்து, ஒம்பத்து ஆகலி,
ஒந்து, சாவிர ஆகலி,ஹரச்சவ கொடலி, சொகவ கொடலி,
பண்ட ஹெச்சலி, பதுக்கு ஹெச்சலி,
பே ஹெச்சலி, ஹாலு ஹெச்சலி, ஹண்ணு ஹெச்சலி,

மனே கட்டி, மாரு கட்டிலி,
ஒந்து மனே, சாவிர மனே ஆகலி,

பெண்ணே பெட்டு ஆகலி, துப்ப தெப்ப ஆகலி,
ஹுல்ல முட்டிலே ஹூ ஆகலி, கல்ல முட்டிலே காய் ஆகலி,
ஹொன்ன முட்டிலே சின்ன ஆகலி,

பெட்டதுது பந்தலேயு, பெரலுக அடங்கலி,
அட்டுதது பந்தலேயு, ஆங்கை அடங்கலி,

கட்டிதது கரேயலி, பித்திதது பேயலி,

ஆனைய பலவ கொடலி, அரியா சிரியா கொடலி,
புத்தி பெவரவ கொடலி,

உரி ஹோகி, சிரி பரலி, சிரி சிப்பாத்தி அகலி,

ஹோப்ப எடே, பப்ப எடே எல்லா, ஒள்ளித்தே பரலி,

நூரு தும்பி, நாடு ஜரது, தீர பூரண ஆகி,
ஓள்ளித்த ஏத்தி, ஹொல்லவ தள்ளி, ஒலகொதொ எல்லாவ கெத்து,
சங்கட்ட சலிப்பு இல்லாதெ,
ஹொப்ப தாரி, பப்ப தாரி யொ, எடிஞ்சிலு இல்லாதெ,
படிப்பேரி முந்துக ஹெசரெத்தி,

கும்பே குடி ஹரத எங்கே, அங்காலு முள்ளு முரியாதே,
கோ எந்து கொரச்சி, போ எந்து பொக்கி,
மனே தும்ப மக்க ஹுட்டி, கோட்டு தும்ப சொசே கொண்டு,

பாவ பரிய நோடி, ஒலகத ஹெசரு எத்தி
பதுக்கி பா

English Translation

Let prosperity/good deeds increase nine folds ,
[ondhu - one, ombaththu - nine, aagali - happen]
Let prosperity increase a thousand times,
[saavira - thousand]

Let good helath and happiness be bestowed
[haracha - health, soga - happiness, kodali - given]
Let the cattle wealth / livestock (number of buffalows and cows) increase
[banda - cattle]
Let wealth increase
[badhukku - wealth]
Let the (sown) crops increase
[bay - crops)
Let the milk (yield) inncrease
[haalu - milk]
Let the fruits increase
[hannu - fruits]

May you build (your own) a house
[manay - house, katti - build]
May you get married
[maaru katti - marriage]
Let one house become a thousand
[may your family increase]

Let the butter [yield] grow to a mountain,
[bennay - butter, bettu - mountain]
Let ghei (clarified butter) made become large like a well
[thuppa - ghei, theppa - well]
Let grass turn to flowers and stones to fruits when touched
[Hullu - grass,muttilay - touched, hoo - flower, kallu - stone , kaai - unripe fruit]
Let iron turn to gold
[Honna - iron, sinna - gold]
Even if trouble comes in huge amount like a mountain, let it be contained in a finger
[betta - mountain, bandalay - coming, beralu - finger, adangali - contained]
Even if trouble comes like a deep valley, let it be contained in the palm (fist)

Let the tied cow give milk,
[kattidhadhu - tied, karayali -milking]
Let whatever is sown ,grow well
[biththidhadhu - sown, bayyali - grow well]

Let the strengh of Elephant be bestowed (on you)
[Aanay - elephant, bala - strengh]
Let a lot of happiness be given,
[siri - happiness]
May you become intelligent and wise
[budhdi - intelligence, bevara - wisdom]

Let jealousy vanish and happiness prevail
[uri - jealousy /envy]
Let happiness increase manyfold
[sippathi - manyfold]

Let only good things happen wherever you go and come
[Hoppa - going, bappa - coming, eday - place, olliththu - goodness]

Let you live to be a full hundred with lots of wisdom so as to make others wonder(envious)
[nooru - hundred, thumbi - full/filled, naadu - nation/others, jaradu - envious, Deera - wisdom, poorana - complete /lots, aagi - become]
Take only the good and leave behind the bad
[olliththu - good,eththi - take, holla - bad, thalli - leave behind]
May you win all in this world
[olaga - world, ellava - all, geddhu - win]
without any worries and problems,
[sangatta - worries, salippu - problems/hesitation]
Let there be no hinderance on your ways
[dhaari - path /way, edinjallu - hinderance]
Let you come up in life with wisdom given by education
[paddippu - education, mundhuga - coming forward]

Like a pumpkin plant that grows and spreads
[kumba kudi - pumpkin plant, haradu - spread]
Let not thorns stop your steps
[Aangaal - foot, mullu - thorn, muriyadhay - embed (in the sole)

Let your name and fame spread wide and far and called by all and overflow
[korachi - calling, bokki - overflow]
Let your home be filled with children
[makka - children, hutti - born]
and let there be many daughters in law
[gottu - corner, thumba - full,sosay - daughter in law]

May you look after your dear and near ones
[pava paria - near and dear ones]
Earn a great name in this world
[hesaru - name, eththi - earn]

And live with PROSPERITY

(sources : My mother > Hubbathalai B.Idyammal [97yrs], Appukodu Lakshmi Ammal, Balasubramaiam’s ‘Paame’, Sivaji Raman’s ‘Badaga Samudhaayam’ and own interaction with Badaga village elders)

for more go to www.badaga.in and www.badaga.info

Wg Cdr JP -
, http://www.baduga.in , www.badaga.name
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:16 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I am proud for being a part of this great community...
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